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Municipal Law

Explore the intricacies of municipal law with us. Our dedicated team assists individuals and businesses in understanding and complying with local regulations, zoning laws, and municipal policies. We're your trusted partners in managing community-related legal matters.

Related Cases

Greenhalgh v Douro-Dummer (Township), 2012 ONCA 299

Action against municipality respecting roadway maintenance and operation.

York (Regional Municipality) v Martin Grove Properties Ltd., 2011 ONCA 711

Action by municipality.

Mississauga (City) v Britannia North Holdings Inc., [1999] OJ No 4672 (Div Ct)

Land use control and subdivision plan.

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Ouellette v Hearst (Town), 70 OR (3d) 204 (ONCA)

Claims against municipality and s. 284(3) of the municipal act.

Ferri v Ontario (Attorney General), 2015 ONCA 683

Conflict of interest.

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Get the latest on Civil Litigation and Appeals news.

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