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Medical Malpractice

In cases of medical malpractice, trust our experienced legal professionals to be your advocates. We specialize in seeking justice for those who have suffered due to medical errors. We're committed to ensuring you receive the compensation and closure you need.

Related Cases

Caza v Kirkland and District Hospital, [2003] OJ No 2438

Appeal related to the sufficiency of evidence supporting the finding of causation.

Crawford (Litigation guardian of) v Penney, [2004] OJ No 3669 (ONCA)

Standard of care.

Bovingdon (Litigation guardian of) v Hergott, 2008 ONCA 2

Doctor prescribing fertility drugs does not owe duty of care to prematurely born twins.

Paxton v Ramji, 2008 ONCA 697

Duty of care to unborn child and doctor prescribing drug to patient on understanding that patient could not become pregnant.

Fisher v Atack, 2008 ONCA 759

Hospitals and health care facilities and vicarious liability of nurses.

Dufresne v Bartol, 2010 ONCA 430

Practitioner liability and standard of care.

Vuong (Litigation guardian of) v Morton, 2010 ONCA 638

Standard of care.

Lawless v Anderson, 2011 ONCA 102

Limitation period and discoverability and plaintiff underwent breast augmentation surgery.

Gutbir (Litigation guardian of) v University Health Network, 2012 ONCA 66

Standard of care.

MacGregor v Potts, 2012 ONCA 226

Negligence and standard of care and emergencies and causation.

Mangal v William Osler Health Centre, 2014 ONCA 639

Failure to diagnose.

Shantry v Thompson (appeal by Warbeck), 2015 ONCA 395

Administration and prescription of drugs.

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