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Navigate the complexities of insurance with confidence. Our team assists in interpreting insurance policies, filing claims, and resolving disputes with insurers. We're dedicated to ensuring you receive the coverage and compensation you're entitled to.

Related Cases

Fraczek v Pascual, [2003] OJ No 1402 (ONCA)

Automobile insurance.

Sutherland v Singh, 2011 ONCA 470

Automobile insurance and statutory accident benefits.

Kusnierz v Economical Mutual Insurance Company, 2011 ONCA 823

Automobile insurance and statutory accident benefits and catastrophic impairment.

Hammond v State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., 2012 ONCA 704

Limitation periods.

Fernandes v Penncorp Life Insurance Co., 2014 ONCA 615

Insurer duty of good faith.

Champion Products Corp. v. Intact Insurance Company, 2020 ONCA 111

Did the defendant insurance company waive the plaintiffs’ forfeiture of its rights when it did not purchase a replacement property within the timeframe allotted in a settlement agreement? Was the plaintiff otherwise entitled to relief from forfeiture?

MDS Inc. v. Factory Mutual Insurance Company, 2021 ONCA 594

The main issue concerned the interpretation of an exclusion clause in a standard form insurance contract.

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Get the latest on Civil Litigation and Appeals news.

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