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Our team specializes in assessing, quantifying, and pursuing various types of damages in legal disputes. We're committed to securing just compensation for economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

Related Cases

Reynolds v Innopac Inc., [1992] OJ No 2041, 37 OR (3d) 577 (ONCA)

Wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal.

Bensuro Holdings Inc. v Avenor Inc., [2004] OJ No 4875 (ONCA)

Reduction of damages for breach of contract.

Pool v Lehoux, 2007 ONCA 630

Loss of earning capacity.

Magnussen Furniture Inc. v Mylex Ltd., 2008 ONCA 186

Damages for breach of contract and negligence.

Chapman v Bank of Nova Scotia, 2008 ONCA 769


Rosenhek v Windsor Regional Hospital, 2010 ONCA 13

Employer breach of fiduciary duty.

Degennaro v Oakville Trafalger Memorial Hospital, 2011 ONCA 319

Physical and psychological injuries and fibromyalgia or chronic pain.

Beraldo v Janzic, 2013 ONSC 4770

Physical and psychological injuries from motor vehicle accident.

Levinsky v Toronto-Dominion Bank, 2013 ONSC 5657

Restrictive covenant in employment contract and long-term compensation plan for senior employees.

Fleming v Massey, 2016 ONCA 70

Workers compensation and waiver of liability.

Chapman v GPM Investment Management, 2017 ONCA 227

Constructive dismissal.

Cassandro v. Glass, 2019 ONCA 654

Whether the ancient common law right of distress damage feasant entitled a commercial landlord to distrain his tenant’s commercial equipment and, if not, whether the tenant proved his claim for loss of income as a result of the illegal distraint.

MacLeod v. Marshall, 2019 ONCA 842

Applicable standard of proof for loss of earning capacity and whether 500K in punitive damages was a reasonable award for historical sexual abuse.

Little v. Floyd Sinton Limited, 2019 ONCA 865

Jury instructions on causation and apportionment of responsibility in personal injury trial and whether an incapable minor had a duty to mitigate damages by seeking psychological treatment.

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Get the latest on Civil Litigation and Appeals news.

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